Meat Packs

Meat Packs – From the field direct to you

Each box contains a variety of cuts of beef. The animal has been split six ways so the boxes are not identical (eg. if you have no rib on the bone you will have two joints of topside or if you have no skirt you will have extra stewing or braising) but below is a typical selection of a 30kg box with cooking suggestions:

SIRLOIN (2kg) – 1 joint or cut into steaks

RIB ON THE BONE (2kg) – 1 joint – roast

BACK RIB (boned) (2kg) – 1 joint – slow roast (don’t cook as rare as for rib on bone as slightly tougher but still pink is fine)

BURGER MINCE – TOP RUMP MINCE – 5 packs(each 500g) – for burgers (just add chopped shallot and salt and pepper) or Bolognese – very lean

SILVERSIDE (2kg) – 1 roasting joint

BRAISING STEAK – 1 pack (1 kg) – good for stews and casseroles

MINCE – 12 packs (each of 500g) – Bolognese, chilli, etc.

TOPSIDE – 1 joint (2kg) – roast or pot –roast

BRISKET – 2 joints (each of 2kg) – again fatty but tasty, good for boiled beef and carrots, definitely moist slow cooking or salt beef

FILLET – 4 steaks (each of 150g) – fry or grill

RUMP STEAK – 6 steaks (each of 200g) – very tasty steak for grilling or frying

SKIRT – 1 pack (500g) – good for slow cooking – very fibrous cut – ideal for Cornish Pasties or steak pies.

STEWING STEAK – 4 packs (each of 1kg) – diced for hearty stews and curries

If the joints are too big for your liking they can be cut in half before freezing and repackaged. The meat is vacuum packed for convenience and should be frozen within at few days.